The O’Neill cylinder 🤔’Ne…

Star Trek Lower Decks is alright. I’d recommend it a watch if you’re a fan 🖖

Reinventing Comics

I finished reading Reinventing Comics by Scott McCloud. It’s fascinating how his ideas about the “infinite canvas” and subscription-based selling models have become the norm for many modern webcomics (eg. Webtoon). The fact that this book was panned on upon release is proof that it came before its time. The final ideas in the book about how comics are interactive are completely awesome. Overall, the ideas in this book are (unfortunately?…

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How is it that vintage is cool all of a sudden 🤔

If you were a baked good which one would you be?

I’m bagel

Does anyone else use the royal “we” when they comment their code?

It just feels weird if I don’t pretend that somebody else is reading it. Like Smeagol 😆


It’s a good thing that kids love battle royales so much, because they’re about to be in one

All aboard the Battle Bus 😷

For jokes, the internet is a stage of natural selection. Everybody is funny and witty now. That’s why new internet jokes are so surreal.

The evening is fine.

LinkedIn is such a terrible piece of software.

I do suspect, however, that many of the #Eskimos detractors aren’t football fans. Not that it matters much. But some people need to get off the internet.

I’m only joking we all know it’s the Edmonton Roughriders #cfl






After having to develop exclusively in the terminal, I will never take a GUI text editor for granted again. ⌨

Cryptocurrency is basically religion

ebooks with DRM are bullshit.

This kind of stuff has me thinking again about Florence lately: half-comic, half-game.

”…we could mix the visuals of comics with the sound, motion, and interactivity of the CD-ROMS that were being made in those days…”

“a single unbroken reading line on an infinite canvas.”…

Made some modifications to the Archie theme to include conversations on posts. Next on my list:
- dark mode toggle button (like in the Hello theme)
- expand to display photos in the photos category (instead of just listing them)

Sunday vibe…

How in the actual tar did those programmers manage to get to the moon on 4096 bytes?!

Wizards, man, I tell ya.

I’m finally playing HELLBLADE!
This game is metal!

So sad that alps switches aren’t being made anymore. Tactile switches rule

anudda thunderstorm ⛈️…