Howdy! 👋 I'm Hugh. I am a Computing Science student at the University of Alberta. I like to make things.

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  1. thought games

    Why am I drawn to playing video games instead of doing other hobbies?

    Don't get me wrong, it's a healthy amount; however, I would like to spend more time developing other skills.

    Perhaps it's because video games offer the perceived mastery of a "skill". Most games are intentionally designed to be easy to master. One can master a game in a relatively short amount of time. 10 hours? That's nothing. How many other activities can you think of that only take 10 hours to get good at? Essentially, for most single player games, there is no challenge or mastery. It's just consuming media. Not that there's anything wrong with that!

  2. music

    Here's another one from TWRP. Just found this band a month ago. They're amazing! They're like Daft Punk lite.

  3. music

    I'm making more posts to test out the post list on the homepage. For now it's just gonna be more music that I like. Here's Green Onions:

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